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Methionine and cysteine may be considered to be the principal sulfur-containing amino acids because they are 2 of the canonical 20 amino acids that are incorporated into proteins. However, homocysteine and taurine also play important physiological roles ( Fig. 1 ). Why does nature employ sulfur in her repertoire of amino acids? The other canonical amino acids are comprised only of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms. Because both sulfur and oxygen belong to the same group (Group 6) of the Periodic Table and, therefore, are capable of making similar covalent linkages, the question may be restated: why would methionine and cysteine analogs, in which the sulfur atom is replaced by oxygen, not serve the same functions? One of the critical differences between oxygen and sulfur is sulfur's lower electronegativity. Indeed, oxygen is the second most electronegative element in the periodic table. This accounts for the use of sulfur in methionine; replacement of the sulfur with oxygen would result in a much less hydrophobic amino acid. Cysteine readily forms disulfide linkages because of the ease with which it dissociates to form a thiolate anion. Serine, on the other hand, which differs from cysteine only in the substitution of an oxygen for the sulfur, does not readily make dioxide linkages. The difference results from the fact that thiols are much stronger acids than are alcohols, so that the alcohol group in serine does not dissociate at physiological pH. Substitution of oxygen for sulfur in S -adenosylmethionine would produce so powerful a methylating agent that it would promiscuously methylate cellular nucleophiles without the need for an enzyme.

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Structures of the sulfur-containing amino acids.

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Structures of the sulfur-containing amino acids.

M e t h i o n i n e ( p r o t e i n ) + H 2 O 2 M e t h i o n i n e s u l f o x i d e ( p r o t e i n ) + H 2 O
M e t h i o n i n e s u l f o x i d e ( p r o t e i n ) + N A D P H + H + M e t h i o n i n e ( p r o t e i n ) + N A D P + + H 2 O .

It is considered that the impaired activity of methionine sulfoxide reductase and the subsequent accumulation of methionine sulfoxide residues are associated with age-related diseases, neurodegeneration, and shorter lifespan ( 2 ).

However, optimal length can vary depending on the topic. "If you produce something as catchy as BuzzFeed and Necktie Fuchsia base with white and blue stripes Notch Cheap Sale Top Quality Outlet Cheap Authentic s0L2A
are putting out there, it can be up to five minutes long," says Hunersen.

Regardless of the length of your video, Hunersen reminds us that all Facebook videos start without sound, meaning users have to make a conscious decision to stop scrolling through their feeds and unmute the video. Facebook videos should be visually compelling from the get-to, make sense without sound, and be engaging enough to encourage the user to stop and watch.

Tweets: Hashtags: Videos:

Marketers everywhere rejoiced when Twitter finally eased up on its character count parameters, and such media as images, videos, and polls, as well as quoted tweets, ceased counting toward its 140-character limit.

Still, the "Quote Tweet" feature remainsavailable, providing even greater character-saving measures. That happens when you press the rotating arrow icon to retweet a post, and then add a comment in the text box provided. You've still got 140 characters all to yourself to comment.

Like so much of what we've covered, it seems that when it comes to the overall length of a tweet, aim for short and sweet. (See what we did there?) That's resonated in research conducted by social media scientist Tulip Bag Ulla Johnson Sale Recommend exasZu2zo
, who found that tweets with 120-130 characters showed the highest click-through rate (CTR):

The same goes for hashtags. While they can technically be any length up to 140 characters, remember that people will want to accompany the hashtag with other copy. Short hashtags are always better. Ideally, your hashtags should be under 11 characters -- shorter if you can.

Also, in a single tweet, stick to one or two hashtags, and definitely don't go over three. Buddy Media found that all tweets with hashtags get double the engagement metrics than tweets without any. But tweets that kept the hashtags to a minimum -- one or two -- have a 21% higher engagement than tweets with three or more.

You can SHIRTS Kaftans Malo How Much Online j2bjale9s
by importing a video or recording it using the Twitter app. In any case, the maximum video length is two minutes and 20 seconds.

Here's a handy list of some of LinkedIn's most important profile character maximums, according to Andy Foote :

Professional headline: Summary: Position title: Position description: Status Update:

With LinkedIn's publishing platform , users can now compose and share original written content with their networks, or publicly. Of course, that comes with its own character counts, according to Foote:

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