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Monday, 2nd July 2018

What's Happening?

Latest image

False color unfiltered image of comet C/2015 O1 (PANSTARRS), obtained on 2018 Apr. 8 (1h13-1h23UT) with 60-cm, f/3.3 Deltagraph. Exposure time was 8x60s. Copyright © 2018 by H. Mikuz, Črni Vrh Observatory.

Welcome to COBS!

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saw first light in 2010 and is maintained by Palma sandals Blue Maryam Nassir Zadeh Pictures For Sale Websites Cheap Price Authentic Cheap Online Sale Get Authentic Great Deals SHQ46k2W
. It is a free and unique service for comet observers worldwide which allows submission, display and analysis of comet data in a single location.

Amateur astronomers can make valuable contributions to comet science by observing comets and submitting their observations to COBS as professional astronomers typically do not have telescope time required to acquire regular observations. We therefore encourage comet observers worldwide to submit their observations and contribute to the COBS database.

Registered observers may submit observations using a web based form which which stores the observations in an SQL database and stores them in ICQ format . Observations may be queried and plotted in the web site or exported for further processing, analysis and publication. The database currently contains more than 234000 comet observations of more than 1200 different comets and represents the largest available database of comet observations.

The data stored in COBS is freely available to everyone who honors our data usage policy . Please cite COBS as the reference if you use it for comet studies.

Latest lightcurve

Light-curve of C/2016 M1 (PANSTARRS) (Jul 02, 2018).

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Comet Observing Planner

Current comet magnitudes and observable region

The observable region is an approximate indication of the latitude at which the comet may be seen. The period when visible is calculated for latitude 45°N and 45°S.

Latest news

Jun. 29, 2018

The interstellar object 'Oumuamua perplexed scientists in October 2017 as it whipped past Earth at an unusually high speed. This mysterious visitor is the first object ever seen in our solar system that is known to have originated elsewhere.

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Jun. 29, 2018

Using observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and ground-based observatories, an international team of scientists has confirmed 'Oumuamua (oh-MOO-ah-MOO-ah), the first known interstellar object to travel through our solar system, got an unexpected boost in speed and shift in trajectory as it passed through the inner solar system last year.

Jun. 29, 2018

`Oumuamua, the first interstellar object discovered in the Solar System, is moving away from the Sun faster than expected. This anomalous behavior was detected by a worldwide astronomical collaboration. The new results suggest that `Oumuamua is most likely an interstellar comet and not an asteroid.

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response curve with 3 and 5 mrm transitions per peptide

A response curve consisting of peptides spiked into plasma was prepared as described previously ( Womens 22460 ClosedToe Pumps Marco Tozzi Sale Deals t6bmm9
). In brief, for the 3-MRM data set, a 9-point response curve was generated by spiking 11 synthetic peptides (representing prostate-specific antigen, horseradish peroxidase, leptin, myelin basic protein, myoglobin, aprotinin, and C-reactive protein) into digested plasma (1 μg/μL) so as to span a concentration range of 1–500 fmol/μL, with corresponding isotopically labeled (C/N) peptide standards added at a fixed concentration of 50 fmol/μL to all samples [referred to as study I in ( 34 )]. A 1-μL volume of each sample was analyzed in quadruplicate by LC-MRM-MS. Three data sets were acquired with a 4000 Q TRAP mass spectrometer (Applied Biosystems) at unit/unit resolution with a dwell time of 10 ms and an interscan delay time of 5 ms for each transition. One data set was acquired on a TSQ Quantum Ultra (Thermo Fisher Scientific) triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer with a 10-ms dwell time for each transition at unit/unit resolution. In all cases, only data from 10 peptides were analyzed, owing to insufficient detection of the 11th peptide.

For the 5-MRM data set, an equimolar mixture of the 7 proteins was digested, added to digested plasma, and then diluted with digested plasma to generate a 9-point response curve spanning the same concentration range (1–500 fmol/μL) in a digested-plasma background (1 μg/μL). Corresponding stable isotope–labeled internal standard (SIS) peptides were added to each sample at 50 fmol/μL [referred to as study II in ( 34 )]. We monitored 5 MRM transitions for each analyte and SIS peptide on a 5500 Q TRAP mass spectrometer (Applied Biosystems) by scheduled MRM with a target cycle time of 0.5 s, a retention-time window of 90 s, and an interscan delay of 3 ms. The 2 additional transitions were selected from previous optimization experiments conducted with the synthetic peptides. The pooled and filtered human plasma used for all experiments was from Bioreclamation.

individual sample data—clinical sample set

Samples were prepared and analyzed as described previously ( 26 ). The protocol for obtaining blood from patients was approved by the Massachusetts General Hospital Institutional Review Board, and all individuals gave written informed consent. A subset of the data (2 peptides from C-reactive protein) monitored from 1 patient (3 time points) was selected for evaluating algorithm performance. The data set consisted of 2 process replicates of each time point analyzed in 3 technical replicates on a 4000 Q TRAP mass spectrometer. Three transitions were monitored for each peptide and its corresponding SIS peptide.

generation of extracted ion chromatograms (xic s ) and peak integration

Data were imported into MultiQuant (version 1.1; Applied Biosystems/MDS Sciex) or Skyline (version 0.5; Sale Pay With Paypal Looking For For Sale SHIRTS Shirts Kristina Ti DCDoiQ
) ( Best Store To Get Cheap Online Oversized shirt Helmut Lang Cheap Sale Outlet Store Cheap Real Authentic Supply Online Hot Sale qM9mWzTA
), where XICs were integrated to generate an exportable table containing the following necessary sample information: sample name, concentration, replicate number, peptide and transition (precursor/product ion) information, peak area of analyte, and peak area of SIS peptide transitions.

pre- and postalgorithm data notation

After automatic integration of the data sets, we manually inspected the data (prealgorithm) to record any global aspects of the XICs or integration that might lead to incorrect quantification and added this information as a separate field or “note” in MultiQuant or Skyline, respectively. Observations included some of the following descriptions: inconsistent baseline integration for the analyte and SIS peptide transition; peak closely eluting to XIC that might obscure integration; interference; detector saturation; variable peak area ratio (PAR) in replicate samples; and the wrong peak integrated. After AuDIT was used to process the data, the same individual again manually inspected the data in a focused, AuDIT-directed manner to determine if the algorithm outcome agreed with the prealgorithm manual inspection and if not, which judgment (prealgorithm expert or algorithm) was correct. The comments were then amended postalgorithm to reflect the validity of the data for quantitative calculations.

data export and preprocessing

MRM-MS XICs that have been integrated with MultiQuant or Skyline are exported into comma-separated value (csv) files. These files are then imported by custom programs written in R [ ( 35 ), http://www.r-project.org/ ], a statistical programming language. The csv files are reformatted to:

The preprocessed data were written out in a consistent format that AuDIT could then use to assess the quality of the transitions.

Extract required columns (including sample name, replicate number, peptide identification, transition information, area for analyte, and SIS area) in addition to other optional fields (such as retention time, signal-to-noise ratio, and so on). The pre- and postalgorithm annotation is also captured.

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