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Theory vs. Practice

By Matt Shaw
Architecture Editorial National
William Zeckendorf's 1945 idea for a $3 Billion Manhattan and East River airport. This project can be found at the exhibition in Queens. (Metropolis Books)
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This is a preview of our September issue, out tomorrow.

What happened to speculation in architecture?

At a recent symposium at the Yale School of Architecture titled “Aesthetic Activism,” Dean of the Syracuse School of Architecture Michael Speaks noted that curiously, architecture has lost its penchant for speculation in recent years. He cited the two most recent Venice Biennales as evidence of this trend, as the curators chose to look at the elements of building (Rem Koolhaas’s Elements, 2014) and reporting on reality in regions beyond what the Biennale had traditionally addressed ( Alejandro Aravena ’s Reporting from the Front, 2016). He also discussed the Chicago Biennial in 2015, which arguably focused on practice, rather than architecture.

What happened to architecture’s ability to speculate on the world around us, as was the ordinary in the 20th century, from Le Corbusier and the modernists to Archigram and the radical architects of the 1960s and 1970s?

Dodger Dome. Proposed in 1955 by Norman Bel Geddes and Buckminster Fuller. This project, and all but one of the projects below, can be found at , which opens September 17 at the Queens Museum.(Metropolis Books)

In the latest issue of The Architect’s Newspaper (AN) , we set out to survey the state of architectural speculation today. AN Contributing Editor Sam Lubell will be opening the exhibition Never Built New York , which features proposals that were never realized. You could say that looking at the history of unbuilt architecture is speculation. So we set out to find what might be in the Never Built exhibition of 2050. What is speculation today?

Ellis Island, or as Frank Lloyd Wright wanted it to be in 1959: “City of the Future.” (Metropolis Books)

We found that in architecture, most speculation is more like plausible futures. It is being developed by private industry in some cases, well within the realm of possibility. Many think that self-driving cars are a revolutionary technology, and are a matter of “when,” not “if.” But why have so few architects gotten out in front of this technology looking for opportunities to change the city? Solar technologies, like those being developed at Tesla, would also have the potential to radically change how we build.

The classification system has three major subheadings of groin pain in athletes.

Classification system

Defined clinical entities for groin pain: Adductor-related, iliopsoas-related, inguinal-related and pubic-related groin pain

Hip–related groin pain

Other causes of groin pain in athletes

The majority of the day was spent discussing and defining these four entities. The term entity was chosen to reflect the recognisable pattern of symptoms and signs exhibited by the athlete.

In the history, in all cases the athlete should report pain in the affected region that worsens on exercise.

Palpation, resistance testing and stretching of affected muscle groups are used to categorise athletes into these entities. The pain reported by the athlete on resistance testing should also be felt in the affected structure. For example, in adductor-related groin pain, the pain on resisted adduction testing should reproduce the athlete's recognisable pain in the adductors. Pain felt in a different location—for example, the inguinal region on resisted adduction testing—would not signify adductor-related groin pain.

The exact technique of physical examination was not discussed during the meeting. Such detail went beyond the scope of the one-day meeting to achieve this level of detail. The intraobserver and interobserver reliability of several elements of the physical examination has been explored previously and found to be acceptable for use in practice. 16 An athlete can have more than one entity, in which case multiple entities can be diagnosed.

Defined clinical entities for groin pain

Adductor-related groin pain

Adductor tenderness AND pain on resisted adduction testing.

Iliopsoas-related groin pain

Iliopsoas tenderness

The group agreed that iliopsoas-related groin pain is more likely if there is pain on resisted hip flexion AND/OR pain on stretching the hip flexors.

Inguinal-related groin pain

Pain location in the inguinal canal region AND tenderness of the inguinal canal. No palpable inguinal hernia is present.

The group agreed that inguinal-related groin pain is more likely if the pain is aggravated with resistance testing of the abdominal muscles OR on Valsalva/cough/sneeze.

Pubic-related groin pain

Local tenderness of the pubic symphysis and the immediately adjacent bone.

The group felt that there was no particular resistance test that specifically provoked symptoms related to pubic-related groin pain that could be used in conjunction with palpation.

The location of the four entities above is shown in figure 1 .


Defined clinical entities for groin pain. : Adductor tenderness AND pain on resisted adduction testing. : Iliopsoas tenderness+more likely if pain on resisted hip flexion AND/OR pain on hip flexor stretching. : Pain in inguinal canal region AND tenderness of the inguinal canal. No palpable inguinal hernia is present. More likely if aggravated with abdominal resistance OR Valsalva/cough/sneeze. : Local tenderness of the pubic symphysis and the immediately adjacent bone. No particular resistance tests to test specifically for pubic-related groin pain.

There was agreement that pain from the hip joint should always be considered as a possible cause of groin pain.

Bitmask which holds which flight modes use simple heading mode (eg bit 0 = 1 means Flight Mode 0 uses simple mode)

LOG_BITMASK: Log bitmask

4 byte bitmap of log types to enable

Controls whether ArduCopter will enter ESC calibration on the next restart. Do not adjust this parameter manually.

TUNE: Channel 6 Tuning Ivy cropped jeans Blue J Brand Cheap Sale Sast Outlet Real 8Gsl9RBKOk

Controls which parameters (normally PID gains) are being tuned with transmitter’s channel 6 knob

TUNE_LOW: Tuning minimum

The minimum value that will be applied to the parameter currently being tuned with the transmitter’s channel 6 knob

TUNE_HIGH: Tuning maximum Womens Chemis Aw17 Robe 02 Bathrobe Triumph For Nice Cheap Price Buy Discount Shipping Outlet Store Online Order Cheap Online Clearance Free Shipping zwmISmZ

The maximum value that will be applied to the parameter currently being tuned with the transmitter’s channel 6 knob

FRAME_TYPE: Frame Type (+, X, V, etc)

Controls motor mixing for multicopters. Not used for Tri or Traditional Helicopters.

CH7_OPT: Channel 7 option X REVOLVE Evelyn Top in Silver size S also in MXLXSXXS House Of Harlow Outlet Sneakernews Release Dates Cheap Price Cheap Excellent Suz7Cr

Select which function is performed when CH7 is above 1800 pwm

CH8_OPT: Channel 8 option Womens NXI55822 Boot Cut Jeans Joes Clearance Shop Visit Buy Cheap New Latest Clearance Good Selling RQweHk

Select which function is performed when CH8 is above 1800 pwm

CH9_OPT: Channel 9 option Very Cheap For Sale Good Selling Sale Cross Back Pleated Dress CARREMENT BEAU Carrément Beau 8c3CfW

Select which function is performed when CH9 is above 1800 pwm

CH10_OPT: Channel 10 option

Select which function is performed when CH10 is above 1800 pwm

CH11_OPT: Channel 11 option

Select which function is performed when CH11 is above 1800 pwm

CH12_OPT: Channel 12 option

Select which function is performed when CH12 is above 1800 pwm

Delay before automatic disarm in seconds. A value of zero disables auto disarm.

Maximum lean angle in all flight modes

PosHold flight mode’s rotation rate during braking in deg/sec

PosHold flight mode’s max lean angle during braking in centi-degrees

Enables user input during LAND mode, the landing phase of RTL, and auto mode landings.

Controls the action that will be taken when an EKF failsafe is invoked

Allows setting the maximum acceptable compass and velocity variance

This enables automatic crash checking. When enabled the motors will disarm if a crash is detected.

This is the speed in Hertz that your ESCs will receive updates

Account Management

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